Why Use Long Latex Gloves?

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Although one of the most common uses of long latex gloves is going to be in a medical environment, there are actually a number of different places in which you may utilize these latex long arm gloves. Some examples are going to be found in an industrial environment, such as painting or where you have to come in contact with a number of different chemicals. An elbow length latex exam and surgical glove can protect you from bodily fluids, but it will also provide a protective seal from a number of chemicals as well. You can also use shorter 18″ long latex gloves in order to minimize your contact with the latex and to save money. Here are some of the main uses of long latex gloves across a number of industries.

Perhaps one of the most common uses of long latex gloves is going to be in a medical environment. There are a number of different diseases that are currently of concern to those who are practicing medicine, and there are a number of new diseases that are constantly going around. Wearing an elbow length latex exam and surgical glove can give you superior protection, especially whenever you are not in a controlled environment and there is the possibility of skin contact above the wrist. It will also be beneficial whenever you are doing certain surgical procedures that would necessitate body fluid touching above the wrist.

A number of different industrial settings can also make use of these latex long arm gloves as well. Anytime chemicals are being used, you would certainly want to protect your skin from contact. These longer gloves can protect you, especially where chemical spray is an issue. For example, if you paint indoor fixtures, you can use 18″ long latex gloves in order to protect your arms up to the elbow from exposure to those chemicals. You can then use regular clothing above the elbows in order to protect the skin.

The easiest place for you to find these gloves is going to be on the Internet, but there may also be some local shops which carry them as well. If you need them for a specialty purpose, there are websites which will cover the exact reason why you need to have them. In this way, you will be insured to have the most protection because the type of latex that is offered will be matched to the job that you are doing.

One concern about these long latex gloves, just as with any type of latex is that you can develop sensitivity over time. This is especially true with latex long arm gloves, because your skin will be in contact with more latex and the powder on the inside of the glove will be in the air in greater numbers as you remove the glove. That is why many people are turning to powerless 18″ long latex gloves. It is also possible for you to use non-latex gloves, but they are not going to provide you with the sensitivity that the elbow length latex exam and surgical glove would provide. Even so, it is a viable solution, should you develop a latex sensitivity.

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